Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the Cone Zone

So it's not just me in our house that gets stuck in a cone.  I thought I'd show my pathetic kitteh sister.

While I am the cone master, she is not!  She hates this.  She has been in it since right after mom and dad got back from vacation.  She had to have a biopsy on one of her toes.  Luckily it turned out to be an allergy related granuloma so we are just treating with steroids.  They think maybe she will be able to take  it off the end of the week.   

But around here if it's not one thing it's another! 



  1. Oh-oh!
    Sure it is not funny, right?
    I was about to get the "cone treatment" but I decided I did not like it!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. She's a khat -

    End of diskhussion ;=)


  3. So you're saying it feels good when the cone is on the other neck? *snicker*


  4. Cat in a cone--beautiful. We'd love to chase that!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Actually it isn't so bad. Cat in a cone is much better than a cat sneering at you from atop the wall JUSt JUST out of reach.
    Buddy n Ginger
    Pee ess: mummy says we shouldn't be rude and wish the cat 'Get well soon'.Hrrmmphh!

  6. As much as we'd luuuuv to chase the kitty in a cone (sounds, ymmy doesn't it?) we are going to do the polite thing and wish kitty a speedy recovery (til the cone comes off-then it's no holds barred!!)

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  7. Well dang, I kinda feels laeft out cuz I don't haves a cone like everybuddy else.
    I have no idea why Khyra's comment is so hysterical...Bwhahahahaha!


  8. Oh my,

    YOuz can tell by the picture dat your sissy kitteh is NOT to happy wif her present situation. At least the test results wuz good :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My mom snorted and spits her coffee out of her mouths after she reads Kyhra's comment, it wasn't pretty...hehehe

  9. Khyra's right... I saw the Cone and I instantly felt bad, but when I noticed the cat, it looked very appropriate and I felt better.


  10. I think that it was at Life of Dogs where I first saw the term "the cone of evil". My dogs completely agree. I hope that you're out of it soon!

    Thanks for the award. You made me smile on a very bad day!

  11. Um, so offense but I'm staying as far away from your house as possible! I think Cone-itis is catching!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  12. Hope she is coneless soon!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  13. Oh dear. What did Doug call it in the movie, UP? The Cone of Shame, I think it was. haha.

  14. Ah yes, the cone of evil - very much hated at our place. But glad it wasn't anything more serious. We just learned about granular issues the other day, they can be pretty miserable too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Hmmm...does your family have "stock" in the cone store? I can imagine you all bumping into walls all day.

  16. In our house it is called the cone of terror...and so far only the tinnnniest of our residents has worn it and it was very uncomfortable for the dogge and the momma with it digging into her back at night when she was trying to sleep! I think the kitteh boy might try to tear off the momma's face if she tried to put the cone on him...although there was the time he had to wear the clubby tail...and it became somoething to chase constantly!

  17. Are you guys related to the coneheads from SNL? Sure is a lot of cone wearing going on at your house. Do your humans wear them too????
    I hope your sister is feeling better soon and I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious.

  18. A cat in the cone of shame! I hope Trouble doesn't see this!

  19. I hope everyone gets a break from being cone heads soon!


  20. Cone today, Gone tomorrow...we hope your kitteh sister feels better soon. I have never seen a cat up close but figure they can't be as bad as all the dogs say right?

    Mom says she bets you will have to repaint a few rooms there from all the dents and dings and cones hitting stuff.