Sunday, August 15, 2010

Part Time Pack Members???

Ruger will be part of our pack part time.  We are looking for ways you have introduced new dogs.  Also how long did it take for your dogs to realize the new dog was part of the pack, at least part time.  


Boomer's Mom


  1. Well ummm Whitney is a FULL Time pack member and has been here fur a year BUT brudder Albert still hasn't accepted her. So basically, we ain't got no advice.

    You gots some great was looking good at da bachelorette pawty.


  2. I don't think it should take too terribly long. I highly recommend pack walks on leash to hurry things up. Also trips in the car. You go together, you come home together, pretty soon it all gels. Of course, part time is a little different, but I think we dogs can fit that in our universe pretty well. Like Sambuca is only a next door neighbor and not pack, but she's also part of our lives in a different way than doggies we only see once in a blue moon.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. So exciting! When we've had other dogs "join the pack" we kind of left it up to the pack. Generally the new dog was a bit shy, but eventually would follow our dogs and after about a week the new dog would be comfortable. Plus, Miss M is really bossy so I don't know if that eased or accelerated things.

  4. Pack? What's a pack??

  5. Hi Boomer's mom,

    I am not part of a pack so I can't helps you much. Introducing everybodys on neutral ground may help. I gets along well with my cuzins Archie and Herschel but I has known dems all my life, AND I don't lives with dems...good luck and keeps us posted. :)

    Woof and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Please tell Boomer he was wunderful entertainment at the "Tea Pawty"

  6. Dennis just sort of snapped right into ours. Like a missing piece, almost. Although I think Tucker sometimes wishes he had stayed missing.

  7. With the Greyhounds, it's always gone very smoothly for us. With Morgan, we're taking it a bit easier, since we have an almost fifteen year old dog here who's not always really steady on her feet. Morgan's style of play is rougher and different than the hounds', too, so we keep her in the crate while we're not there. At some point, she'll graduate to staying out of the crate in the kitchen, but she's not ready yet. I honestly think it all depends on your dogs. If you have a group that gets along well, and they take to the new dog, it's no problem, but you have a new dog that doesn't respect the current dogs, or a pack that doesn't get along well already, I'd take it a lot slower.

  8. Hhhmmmm, does it count if the pack is with cats?

  9. The day we all met Thoryan at the SPCA was a non-event -

    All of us just khlikhked -

    Even the SPCA Human khouldn't see a reason to keep watching us -

    It looks like woo've gotten some great advice!

    Ah the magikh powers of The Blogs!


  10. Hi Boomer, so glad to see you after so long. We have been reelly bad at visiting blogs and leaving comments.
    isn't it grrt that you are going to have a brother around? Part-time brother? well, it is still etter than no brother!
    hope u have a nice time together
    bud n Gin
    Mummy's note: when Buddy came to live with us, Ginger was 3 1/2 and Buddy 4 1/2 years old. Both had specific habits and likes and dislikes and it took us just about two weeks to find out almost everything. Ginger was very possesive at first. she is very very emotional. and she almost went into a depression when she saw the attention getting divided.
    Buddy is a sweetheart too. He was always very accomodating and never ever was angry or demanding or overpowering though he is much bigger than her in size.we let them settle their moods and issues by themselves. and constantly talked to them together and let them do everything together...meal times, walks, drives, baths, play...just everything. even hugged then together and kept them close. it has been just over a year now since Buddy came home, but it feels like he has been foreevr with us and gin n he are best friends.
    Hope u have a lovely time wth this new addition to your to Ruger

  11. Usually an initial meeting with the fence between you. Some say that inside you should have the new pup behind a closed door and all can sniff through the crack on the floor. Playtime outside works well. And lots of on leash walks. Toys and food are usually the biggest issues. So the new guy gets fed either in a different location or under close supervision until he learns the rules. And toys just need very good supervision by the humans. It doesn't take long if you work with all the pups to figure out what works and what doesn't. Good luck and welcome to the new guy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Mom doesn't know much about integrating new pack members into the family...until they are small and furry kitTONs.

    Just wanted to swing by and tell you to check out my blog post...I left something for you!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  13. Time and patience are the most important things.


  14. Depends on the dog's temperaments and the ages of the dogs involved. If it was full time, I'd say usually about 5 days to a couple of weeks, but if the dogs are older and one or both have alpha temperaments, you could run into trouble or it will at least take a lot longer. Lots of leashed walks and times in the car, or in areas that aren't anyone's specific "property" until they are getting along pretty well. Grammy from Corgi Country

  15. Hi Boomer's mom: my two male rotties are very territorial. In March I rescued a female. The rescue lady met me and both boys at our favorite walk spot wih the new girl. We all walked together on leash for a while and then off leash for about 45 minutes. We drove back to my house, she taking the girl and me the boys. Then I walked the girl into my yard with one boy, let them relax, and then switched out boys -- so one at a time innitially, then brought the other boy. The rescue lady was with me the whole time and we just stayed very calm. I never seperated them after that. It took about a month for them to sort out their new places. I walk them separately so they can each have some 'mom time.'

  16. At the risk of being long-winded...I left out the fact that we had put our alpha female down about 6 months before this, so the boys were used to having a female around who didn't put up with bad behavior; and the new female was just sooo glad to have a home, we all tried to be a pack pretty quickly. It's great now :-)