Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today started out in my favoritest way, spooned up in bed with my mom and dad.  I usually "sneak" up about 5 am when they won't notice.   After that I got my next favoritest thing...BREAKFAST!!  Of course after that my people had to leave me all alone go run errands.   So  I did what I normally do and curled up in the chair.   My people are back now but ignoring me working.  

So perhaps now I can tell you more of my story while they are busy.  My mom had always had golden retrievers but when she met dad he started talking about these Ridgeback dogs.  He had lived in South Africa and seen lots of them.  They started looking at rescue sites, but it's hard to find Ridgebacks that will live with kitteh brothers and sisters since they pretty much look like rabbits.   Sister and I had been raised with kittehs since we were but wee pups so we were ok.  Once mama saw the we were brother and sister and how strikingly handsome I was and how pretty my sister was she couldn't say no.  She also couldn't bear the thought of us being separated.    Have we mentioned mom has a great big heart when it comes to fur kids!?  So she applied to adopt us both.   Some nice ladies in CO came to look and make sure that it would be a good place for us to live and boy they were right!  

So on a Thursday mom and dad and Roo, my sister that went to puppy heaven, all loaded in the car and started driving and driving and driving.     On Saturday the showed up at Miss Celia's house to pick us up and make sure we would be ok with Roo.   When I came strutting out of the house my mom about fainted and said something about having adopted a horse.  I'm not sure what a horse is but the thought of it made mom's eyes about pop out.    My sister, her name is Jada BTW, came out and we were running around and playing.  Dad went to go get Roo out of the car to see if we would get along, but I didn't want to wait that long and just hopped up right up in the front seat of the car with Roo and we seemed to get on just fine.  :-)   It took Roo and Jada a bit longer to decided we could all be brother and sisters.  
While mom and dad were there they met some of the other rescue dogs.  One of them was my adopted brother Lucky, I'll think we'll save that story for a bit later too.

So after that we all piled in the car and started driving and driving and driving.  We got to CO on Sunday night and have been super happy here ever since.

See don't I look spoiled and happy!  Wags to everyone it's time for my afternoon nap!

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  1. hello boomer its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes kitties do luk like rabbits!!! but ummm dont tell my sister trouble the kitty i sed that on akkownt of she mite tern me into a newt or sumthing ok bye