Monday, March 29, 2010


I wanted to introduce you all to my sister and adopted brother.

This is me and my most lovely sister Jada.  She is my real live sister.  We went into rescue in some place called Alabama.   Mom heard it was because our family was getting divorced and we were too big for an apartment.  :-(  See how nicely we curl-up, how could we be too big?   After Alabama we went to stay with the lovely Ms. Celia in Texas where Mom and Dad found us.   Mom decided that she wanted us to stay together so she took us both.    Jada and I love to be together and play together.  One of our favorite games is called Eat Your Sister.  Jada gets on the couch and runs back and forth and tries to bite me and I run back and forth on the floor and try to bite her.  We usually play after we finish eating and have all kinds of new energy.  Maybe Mom will tape it so you all can watch us play!  :-)

Now this my adopted brother Lucky, or Lurpy as Mom and Dad tend to call him.  He's 12 or 13 years old we aren't really sure but he act young.  Mom and Dad met him when they picked us up in Texas.  Mom couldn't stop thinking about, sounds like the Mayzie's mom's bee. She thought and she thought and she looked at this picture online.

Finally she decided that if she thought about him that long she should get him, so she told Ms. Celia.  Ms. Celia was sooo happy.  See Lucky had lived with her for 2 whole years as a rescue dog and now he was getting a forever home.  After much coordination and 3 different drivers Mom finally picked him and brought him home.   We weren't so sure about him at first but for the most part now we all get along pretty good!   He's even learned that kitteh brothers and sisters are not snacks!  He seems to have gotten comfortable here, don't you think?

He even tried to curl up with Jada but Mom says he's just not bendy.

Well guess I should head for my afternoon nap so I'm all ready to play when Mom and Dad are done working!


  1. Too big for an apartment!? That's just crazy-talk! I'm glad that you let Lucky come live with you. It's easy to tell he really luvs it there with you! What a nice happy family you all have.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Isn't Mayzie the best? I'm glad she motivated you to start your own blog - I am really enjoying reading all about you and your family! I'm sorry that your first family thought you were too big - how silly of them. But now it sounds like you have a Most Perfect Family, so that is wonderful. And I love Lurpy's pictures (can I call him Lurpy too?) He is so cute with his tongue sticking out, and his ear flopping in the air, and trying but not succeeding at being bendy!

  3. Your furamily is GREAT!!!

    We are so glad all of you found your forever homes!

  4. oh but you are all full of preciousness
    wanna be furryends??
    you guys look super sweet and we love super sweet furryends
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack