Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birfday Puddles

Happy Birfday Puddles!!!!  

Thought this was a better use of my blog today than ANOTHER picture of me in my cone! 


Monday, July 26, 2010

What do you Think?

So I went and saw Aunt Barb today.  She and Uncle Ron talked and talked and decided to try something different.  They ended up taking out a triangle section and pulling the corners together.   We will know more in about a week when we see how I'm healing.   So rather than having a shorter ear on one side I'll have a skinnier one!

Do I look different yet?

The good news is I'm back home with my people and for the most part not acting any different than before surgery.  :-)

Thanks for all the crossed paws!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Lampshade

So JD and Max mentioned that my lampshade looked well used meaning I don't let it slow me down.

I sure don't.  I have been in one for close to 4 months of my life between this and my tail and so I have mad skill in a cone.  I can do just about everything I can do without, except going through the dog door.  Not that I haven't tried.   Heck this morning I hopped right in bed with mom and dad and put my head on the pillow just like always.

This is my first cone (or maybe 3rd, it's a little fuzzy for mom):

See the big rip down one side.  That is where I forced my way through the dog door.  Of course it bent in and pinched my head and dad had to rescue me but I got in!  

You see all the duct tape.  This holds it together and kept me from cutting my poor mom and dad to pieces. I tend to forget it sticks out so far.

So this is my new cone:

And me telling mom what I think about her taking pictures of me in it! 

The nice thing about this one for mom and dad is it's not so big.  It just needs to keep me from pawing at my ear rather than chewing on stuff.

Hopefully I'll be cone free in a bit more than 2 weeks!  But til then, I'll just do what I always do and act like it's not there.  Well that and use it as a funnel for NOMS!!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Piffle!

So we went and saw Aunt Barb today about my ear.  Not such good news.  It's not healing.   So on Monday I am going back to see her and have the part of my ear that hasn't healed cut off.  So I'll have a long ear on one side and a short ear on the other.    :-(

Mom is pretty sad about this, but she also wants me to be able to live with out this silly lampshade on my head any longer than we have to.

We tried to let it heal on it's own for 5+ weeks and it's just not working so this is the route we have to go. 

Thanks for all the crossed paws and fingers we appreciate it.  After my tail I don't think mom is all that surprised I didn't heal well but it still stinks!

So I'll be looking at you like this for a couple more weeks.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm apparently a Rock Star!

So I got a great surprise today in my comments, Sam and Pippen told me to stop by.   Well I've been included in the entertainment for Ruby and Penny's bachelorette pawty!  Run over to the Hobbit Habitat and check us out.  We rock!


PeeS.  I go back to the vet tomorrow for another bandage change.  If you could say some puppy prayers that my ear is still healing that would be great!  If not I'll have to have a skin graft when mom and dad get back from vacation.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't be Wordless Wednesday When It's Your Gotcha Day!!!!

That's right, it's our Gotcha Day!   3 years ago today we found our furever family!

We told a bit of our story when we first started our bloggie.  But we thought we'd tell some more.

Mom used to have mom and daughter golden retrievers. 

This is Shelby the mom:

This is Roo the daughter with brother Petey.

Well Shelby got sick and crossed over the Rainbow bridge.  That left Roo as an only dog.   So mom and dad started talking about what kind of dog to get.  Dad had lived in South Africa and had friends that had Ridgebacks, also a friend of his here had them growing up.  So mom and dad sat down and started looking at the Ridgeback Rescue website.

They started looking here in Colorado but there were only a couple of dogs and they didn't like cats.   Well dad has family in Texas so they started looking there.     Well after looking at a bunch of dogs they found us.   Oh bio said we were good with cats and that we like to play with other dogs, especially each other.   Well as some of you may have noticed mom is a bit of a bleeding heart softy.   She couldn't bear the thought of us being separated.  So she and dad talked a bit and decided to apply to take both of us. 

Well long story short they passed the home visit and after talking to the Texas Coordinator mom borrowed her brother's Suburban and off to Texas they headed.     They showed up at Ms. Celia's on Saturday morning.  After a couple minutes she went and got us out of the house.  When I came running out the first thing mom said, "Oh my God, I adopted a horse!!"  She let Jada out too and we ran around some.

They brought Roo along to make sure we would all get along.  Dad went to the car to let Roo out.  I decided that I didn't want to wait to meet her and I just hopped up in the front seat.  We all got along with Roo just fine.    So after finishing the paper work we all loaded up in the car and started the trip back to Colorado.   It was a bit of a long drive back, lets just say Jada has a nervous stomach.  :-( 

Once we got back mom took a bunch of pictures with the flashy beast to show us to people.  These are some of them.

Mom's favorite picture! 

Getting used to our new home. 

We have had the best time since!  We have definitely found our furever home!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

All About My People

So Oskar suggested taking some time to give our people some props! And seeing how today is my mom's gotcha day this seemed like a perfect idea.

So here goes.

We live in Colorado Springs, CO, about an hour south of Denver.

So about my mom, well first of all it's her gotacha day today.  Apparently it's a big one cuz one of her cards said in dog years she'd be dead.  :-)  Actually we heard her say she's 40.  :-D

She grew up in Denver and then went to Colorado State University, about an hour north of Denver in Ft. Collins.

She has an Engineering Science Degree with a computer software emphasis.  I'm not sure what this means but I think she had to study a lot.  She also played in the marching band when she was there.  She plays the flute as her primary instrument but in marching band she played on the drum line cuz she could make more noise!    She graduated back in 1994 and then went to work for MCI.   She been in the same office for 16 years and has worked for about 5 different companies with all the mergers and sales.    Of course now a days she works at home pretty much full time which makes me VERY happy.

When mom's not working she's working out.  She runs a lot, she and favoritest Aunt Jamie did the half - marathon back in June and they are doing another one in September in Oregon.  Then in 2 weeks she doing the Tri for the Cure triathlon up in Denver.

She and dad also play World of Warcraft like some of the other blog parents.  Mom thought it was nice to know she wasn't the only mom that played!

She and dad have been together for about 3 years they met at work.

Now Dad is pretty much my favorite person.

He grew up all over the place, he's lived in Texas, Connecticut, South Africa and Japan.   He went to school at Baylor University and has a finance degree.  He took that and started working for a bank doing computer stuff.   He did some work on Y2K with Mayzie's dad and when they moved to Colorado he followed a few weeks later.  

My dad is a handy guy and really likes to work on stuff with motors.    He is spending a lot of time out in the garage working on his Jeep.   This is his Jeep in process:

He likes to work out too, but unlike mom he HATES to run.  :-)

Mom and Dad both have motorcycles and like to take them out for rides.   Sadly neither has a side car so we are forced to stay home when they do that.

This Dad's shiny bike:

And this is Mom's:

But probably the bestest thing about my people is they are mine!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog The Change for Animals!

So today is Blog the Change for Animals day!   This is an opportunity for us to: Support your favorite shelter, a foster or a friend. Whatever you decide:
  • Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals
  • Inspire others to do the same
  • Spread the word
Well for me that is Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue.  All of my kids are from there.   I have learned even more from my furiends the level of effort and commitment it takes to work in rescue.  If it hadn't been for wonderful rescuers in Alabama and Texas I wouldn't have my babies.   Celia Robinson is the North Texas Coordinator for RRR.  She goes above and beyond supporting this organization.   She keeps dogs as long as she has to until they find their furever homes.  In Lucky's case this was 2 years.   Care, feeding, trips to the vet, exercise, love.  It's her full time job.  I can't thank her enough for all that she did for my kids!

One of RRR's big fundraisers is their Ridgeback-A-Day calendar.  We have submitted pictures 2 years now.  I can't wait to see if we get into the 2011 Calendar.  You can get your very own here.

Here is our calendar day in 2010, it's coming up next week 7/21.

I know I will never buy another dog!  I will rescue. And knowing me I will rescue the one(s) with the saddest story, the longest time in rescue, or the old one no one wants.

I took in an 11 year old 100lb dog, we are coming up on 2 wonderful years with him and he's going strong. You just never know.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  Give your furiends a bit of extra love today!


PeeS.  Please go see what others are doing to Blog the Change.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cone Heads!

So as you all know I have been in the cone since 6/18.  Well my brother has a lumpy bumpy on his leg.  Mom took him to see Aunt Barb yesterday when she took me to get my bandage changed.  Well Aunt Barb said it should come off.   So he went this morning to have it removed.  Everything turned out just fine.   But we now have 2 100lb dogs in cones!

You can see Lucky's little shaved patch and stitches on the back of his leg.

The upside of today was we got a new box of noms from Happy Hearts.  Three cheese, salmon and cheese and BACON and cheese!   We found out about these treats when we won them from Tank during GABE. They are homemade and even your people can eat them.   Favoritest Aunt Jamie liked the applesauce ones with peanut butter.

We are completely distracted by the NOMS and must go now! 


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The State of Things

So mom was really hoping that once the stitches came out I'd be cone free.   They came out after 2 weeks.  However the center of the wound couldn't be stitched and we just have to wait for the skin to grow back.  Apparently I heal slow! :-(     They say it's less than half the size it was when we started so we are getting there it's just taking time.  So you will likely see me like this for at least another week or so.

The one upside of all of this is that the treats come regularly!