Sunday, February 12, 2012

Transport Run - Part II

So mom got up before the sun this morning and headed out to go get Opus and Casper.  Luckily the weather monster didn't get in the way.  

She meet up with the nice Miss Misty lady and got the boys loaded up in the car.  

So Casper decided that he was going to ride shotgun and there was no talking him out of it.  Mom tried rearranging the backseat and putting a block up and he still got in the front.  So mom decided to just let him ride there.  

He kinda fogged up the window.  

Nice view from up here. 

Are we there yet?!

Opus decided he would use the trip to save up his energy. 

Then he decided to help mom navigate and made sure she wasn't speeding.  

On Sunday there wasn't a lot of traffic so mom got back about an hour before she was meeting up with the nice Miss Becky lady that was taking them the rest of the way.  So they got to come over and stretch their legs.  I got to see Opus for about 30 seconds but mom is a chicken introducing new dogs so I had to go back inside.  

Opus and a snow snack and then he was trying to play with Casper.  (We're pretty sure Casper didn't see it that way)  Casper spent most of his time rolling on his back in the snow but mom never caught him with the flashy beast.   

Here is what she did catch: 

So mom had a great time today and then she came and I got to cuddle with her.  

Hope you all had a good weekend too! 



  1. Mom got her window fogged up too!

    My mom has learned not to fight where the passengers want to enjoy the ride...she has even had two khurl up together in the shotgun seat

    Of khourse, the important part is that they always khome home to US!

    Please give your mom a snuggle of thanks!


  2. Yay for your mom! That was a super terrific thing to do and I bets Opus and Casper are Most Grateful to her for helping them along their journey.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. We tagged you on our bloggie today. Come see!

  3. We thought Opus was herding a sheep at first...BOL!

    We think that's wonderful of your mum to help those dogs get to their new homes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy