Thursday, September 30, 2010

Status of Things

Sorry we have not been around much.  Mom hurt her back, they think a herniated disk.  She has an MRI on Monday.  :-(  So things have been a bit slow around here. 

We got contacted about a Mastiff needing a forever home and thought we would pass along the information.  His mom ended up with lymphoma.

His name is Moose.   So if you know any one that might be interested please pass it along.

We will try to get back around this weekend.  We have missed you all!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

How We Had Time to Become a Pack...Part III

On to the final installment of our time together.  After the half marathon mom and FAJ proceeded to continue their wine-o ways.  

They had a most wonderful time on their trip and got to see some beautiful country.  

Next week will convert this back from Mom's travel diary to my blog!   We appreciate your patience!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Write a Post, Help a Dog

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Please post and retweet and share. We have days to add to the numbers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How We Had Time to Become a Pack...Part II

With the pictures fixed, we hope!

So when we left off the other day mom and FAJ were being wine-os! BOL!

So they left Eugene and headed back up north to pickup all their race stuff.  Then they met up with FAJ's cousin and his family to go to a campout/BBQ.  They were just doing the BBQ stuff!  Needing a good night sleep before their race and all.

The creek at the campsite. 

Maybe FAJ is an angel. 

Beautiful Creek. 

Fresh Blackberries - YUMMY. 

Froggy by the fire.

FAJ by the fire, her cousin Scott in the background. 

After this they headed back to town to get a good nights sleep before the race. 

The next day was the race! 

The start. 

They ran out this gate to start. 

Another picture of the winery. 

This horse was running up and down the fence during the race, 
she was resting when they came back to take pictures. 

They actually ran up this hill, it didn't seem
as steep when they were on it. 

They finished a bit up the road. 
One of mom's friends ended up being at the race and she took this picture right before the end.  They still look happy! 

This has been a TON of pictures so it looks like we are going to end up with a Part III.  :-)  So we don't completely bore you.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

How We Had Time to Become a Pack...Part I

So Mom and FAJ ran off and left us AGAIN!  For 5 whole days.  Ok well really 3 whole days and 2 sort of days.   So Dad was on puppy duty.  He took really good care of all of us.  Of course he was the one that put Ruger in the cone, but it was for his own good.

So were did Mom and FAJ go?  Well they went to Oregon.  They did lots of stuff while they were gone but the big thing they went to do was run ANOTHER (and FAJ says last) half marathon.  It was the Oregon Wine Country Half-Marathon.   They had a most marvelous run.  They finished in 2:22:15.  Seems  to be about their average.

They started out by going to visit some friends of FAJ.  While they were there they went to several wineries.

They started off here. 
FAJ with the vineyard in the background.

Mom in front of the vineyard. 

Their beautiful outdoor patio. 

Mom thought this was most funny! 

Next stop was Silvan Ridge, right across the street. 

Mom was trying to figure out the timer on the camera and FAJ was messing around while she did, this was the picture that was finally captured. 

Mom got the timer working!  Yeah! 

This was the last stop for the day. 

This included a tour of their wine making operation. 

Mom and FAJ are trying to figure out how to have this barrel delivered.  BOL! 

Mom and FAJ

FAJ enjoying the patio. 

Look at this view! 

Over looking the vineyard. 

More of the vineyard. 

Mom wanted me to tell you that they did go for a training run before they started all their wine tasting.  They also said this was a horrible way to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon but someone has to do it.  

So Mom can go a bit crazy with the flashy beast so we'll stop here for now and give you another update, hopefully tomorrow!